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Benchmark an url


POST request with JSON


Nginx and gzip_static

Gzip static module allows you to serve per-compressed files instead of “on the fly” compressed files.



Python script

we do need to build the gzip files every time we do update our project. This script will scan all files in resource directory and gzip each file:

File searching

Recursively chmod for directories:

Recursively chmod for files:

Find specific filename:

Find a specified file with maximum 2 directories depth:

Find a specified file in locate db:

Find all files bigger than 30MB:

Find all files with extensions doc xls and pdf:

Find all files except with extensions doc xls and pdf:

Find all files modified 30 days ago:

Find files like IMG_1234 1.JPG and delete them (tested on MAC)

Find files like 509b790a273c0 and delete them (tested on CENTOS)

Find files that differ between 2 directories