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Maven remote deploy

Remote deploy to a Tomcat Server using Maven 3

1. Install maven tomcat7 plugin (you need manager application in tomcat7 – comes by default)


2. Configure maven settings.xml in ~/.m2/ (or the place where maven is reading settings.xml)


3. Configure tomcat users in /usr/share/apache-tomcat-7.0.39/conf/tomcat-users.xml


4. Execute Maven goals


5. Tips and Tricks

It is preferable to have a maven profile for each server (DEV, TEST, PROD), in case you have database connections and servers are different. In this way, your war file will be build with predefined IP addresses and parameters for each particular deploy.

Install Tomcat on MacOSX

Download latest version of Tomcat (tar.gz) from

In my case I am using apache-tomcat-7.0.33.tar.gz


Extract the archive:


Move the extracted directory to /usr/local:


Remove old Tomcat (if available)


Create a symlink to Library directory:


If you want to access manager, edit /conf/tomcat-users.xml and add:

Then you can login with “myname” and “secret”


Welcome to IT Solutions:


I am starting this blog page about trivial Linux tasks, basic MySQL/PostgreSQL commands, interesting jQuery scripts,  fun with Java code in order to help myself: I cannot remember all arguments to every command or small jQuery tricks. This blog will be my repository.

About myself:

Developer by profession and by fun. I like photography and motorcycle riding. I know they are not related with nix world but I wanted to mention them.

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